Press Release

Gorgona Gold purchases 800 hectares of mining concessions from Peru

Hamilton Resources, Ltd., the investment capital partner and one of the controlling shareholders of Gorgona Gold S.A.C., announced today that Gorgona has secured an additional 800 hectares of mining concessions from the Peruvian Government.  Gorgona presently has control of Largartos I and Largartos II, and has applied for and received approval for a new mining concession: Largartos III.  This new concession is an extension to the other two.

The Lagartos project is located in Northern Peru and is part of the Lancones Basin.  This particular area is host to five types of mineralization including: volcanic massive sulfides (VMS), Cu-Mo porphyries, Skarn deposit and Au-Ag epithermal deposits.  The Lagartos Project shows hydrothermal alterations and related lithologies associated with the occurrence of an Au-Cu porphyry system.  The location in Northern Peru is relatively close to Yanacocha, the world’s 2nd largest gold deposit, and Fruta del Norte, a 6.8M ounce gold discovery to the North in Ecuador.

About the Company: Hamilton Resources is a Peruvian mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and potential development of precious and base metal properties, principally in Peru. Hamilton has initiated ten different mining projects located across 23 different concessions covering base and precious metals.