About Us

Hamilton Resources LTD is a Peruvian corporation engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and potential development of precious minerals properties principally in Peru. Hamilton Resources LTD was incorporated in November 2012.

Peru has a long-standing tradition of being friendly to the mining industry, and the result is:

  • Peru is one of the six richest mineral countries in the world.
  • 38% of the country’s GDP is attributable to this industry.
  • Several of the world’s largest mineral deposits have been found in Peru.
  • In 2009, Peru was the world's top silver producer, the second-largest producer of zinc and copper, and the world's sixth-largest gold producer.
  • In 2009, Peru was the leading producer of silver, zinc, tin, lead, and gold in Latin America.
  • Traditionally mining has provided about half of Peru’s export revenues.