About Us

Hamilton Resources Ltd is the investment capital partner and a key shareholder of Gorgona Gold S.A.C. Gorgona Gold was incorporated in Peru five years ago, with the goal of acquiring and holding mining concessions in order to duplicate Management’s prior successes in Ecuador, and the two companies share managerial personnel and responsibilities. The terms “our” and “we” are used here to designate both Gorgona and Hamilton, unless it is necessary to differentiate between the two of them.

In Ecuador, Management had assembled a portfolio of mining projects which resulted in two back to back IPOs on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2005 and 2006. The market capitalization on Management’s IPOs in Ecuador was in excess of US$100 million after just US$2 million was raised to acquire the concessions. The geologist responsible for identifying and compiling the Ecuadorian portfolio is the same geologist who put together our Peruvian portfolio. He believes what we have accomplished in Peru is of a substantially greater value than the Ecuador portfolios.

Peru is pro-mining with a mining history dating back over 500 years, and is home to some of the world’s largest deposits. Several of our projects are in close proximity to Yanachocha, the world’s 4th largest gold mine and the largest in the Americas.

As of 2017, we hold 22 concessions comprising 10 projects and we are in the planning phase to acquire two more. To list on a public exchange, the market requires a company to complete a National Instruments 43-101 report that is acceptable to the world's international stock exchanges. Two of our projects have such reports completed by former owners which can be readily updated to allow us to go public. 

Our plan is to continue to advance through exploration several of our key projects, and continue to acquire several more late-stage exploration projects throughout Peru and beyond. Throughout this process, we will court some of Canada's larger brokerage firms with the goal of securing a firm commitment to underwrite the company in a traditional IPO with a market capitalization above the US$100 million mark. We have already been in contact with an Australian Stock Exchange listing agent who seeks to work with us to take part or all of our company public. The Toronto Stock Exchange is more globally recognized and we are exploring a listing there, after we have completed a six month field exploration program on a newly acquired project. It is Management’s belief that as we build and strengthen our portfolio, we also become an excellent acquisition target.